Six Ways to get the Most out of Your Acupuncture Treatment

1.) Write Down Everything You Want to Share With Your Acupuncturist It is best to ask for paperwork before your treatment. This way you have time and can think about all of your ailments, history and all the important things you want to tell your acupuncturist without feeling like you missed something. 2.) Make Sure […]

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What are Ear Seeds?

What are theses tiny little band aids you may have seen on celebrities or a friends after they have received acupuncture? These are called ear seeds. Ear seeds help an acupuncture treatment last longer. These small seeds from the vaccaria plant are placed on the ear with an adhesive tape over it. These seeds are […]

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Insomnia and Acupuncture-a Wife’s Tale-

My husband has suffered with insomnia practically his entire life. It was not until acupuncture and lifestyle changes was he able to finally sleep. He was constantly complaining that he could not fall asleep. He would be so tired the next morning. Needless to say this was affecting his life daily. I started by assessing […]

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