Types of Acupuncture – Which One is Best for Your Type of Stress?

For years, acupuncture has been a popular treatment for a variety of health ailments, especially stress and injury. There are several types of acupuncture that exist. Below, you will find a list of the different types as well as how they work to relieve stress:

TCM-Based Acupuncture

This type of acupuncture uses eight principles of complementary opposites in order to create harmony within the body. These include yin/yang, hot/cold, internal/external and excess/deficiency.

French Energetic Acupuncture

This type of treatment is often used by MD acupuncturists, where meridian patterns are emphasized, specifically the yin/yang pairs.

Korean Hand Acupuncture

This type of acupuncture primarily focuses on the hands and feet, as they have concentrations of Qi. It is believed that applying needles to these parts of the body will be effective for the entire body as well.


Auricular Acupuncture


Needles are placed on certain points of the ear and is said to be effective in treating certain addiction disorders, as the ear is the microcosm of the body.

Myofasically-Based Acupuncture

This treatment is often used by physical therapists as the process involves feeling the meridian lines to find tender points. It is believed that the tender points are where abnormal energy tends to flow.

With so many types of acupuncture to choose from, you will want to be sure to speak with a professional acupuncturist to determine which is best for your needs. The number of treatments that you will need will largely depend upon your condition as well as what type of acupuncture is being used.

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